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Full Version: Region ID Changer #2 [Vega]
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Region ID Changer #2 [Vega]

NOTE: Outdated by Anarion's version

This version of my Region ID Changer codes only works reliably on Dolphin Emulator.

This code allows you to set a custom region ID when connecting online. The code only effects the Region ID when connecting online, thus there will be no prompt from the game to reset the data save due to a region ID change.

C200AFC4 00000002
3800000X 90030084
60000000 00000000

C200B064 00000002
3800000X 90030084
60000000 00000000

C200AF88 00000002
3800000X 90030084
60000000 00000000

C200B110 00000002
3800000X 90030084
60000000 00000000

X = Desired Region ID

X Values:
0 = Japan
1 = Americas
2 = Europe
3 = Aus/NZ
4 = Taiwan
5 = S. Korea
6 = China

li r0, X #Load X value (Region ID number) into Register 0
stw r0, 0x0084 (r3) #Store the value of Register 0 at the address of Register 3 plus an offset of 0x0084

#Default instruction of lwz r0, 0x0084 (r3) not needed

Code creator: Vega
So a person on Discord wanted to use this code (PAL version setting Jpn region ID).

He hooked it up and went on Wiimmfi. Afterwards he rebooted his game (with codes off) at some point and he was getting a message for a corrupted datasave. This most likely occurred because somehow the new Region ID was written to the datasave and he was loading with his Real Region ID value.

But what's weird is that he tried applying the code and rebooting , but kept getting the same message. I did tell him that Wiimmfi does mod a lot of RAM and it is possible somehow with those payload mods with my code it causes data to be written to the datasave w/o the checksum being updated.

So I ran some tests and ran into new discovery of this code (which I swear didn't happen b4). But the code wouldn't even work (change Region IDs) on the console via default VBI Hooktype on USBLoader GX. But it worked on Dolphin fine.

@JoshuaMK I've been REALLY busy and I need to eventually recompile GX with your new code handler. But I swear this code always worked on Console, mabye it's cuz its a bug in this version of GX? (1272) Aw fuck it. this is bull regardless.

Enough of my rant. So after running the code, I went back offline to TT and change Miis to update the datasave while having the code On. Rebooted Game with Code Off,and I could not get any Error Messages.

So what does this all mean? It means this crap is going to the Incomplete/Oudated with a new NOTE about only working on Dolphin and this version here---> ( is now in Main codes forum (re-tested this version like craz, works on Console and Dolphin, no datasave crap either).

As mentioned before its probably something with Wiimmfi?? So if future codes start having crazy side-effects but they have been tested before, then all we can assume its some crazy Wiimmfi reason.
Try this:

Online Region ID Modifier [JoshuaMK]

0400AE70 3800000X
0400AE80 809F0084
0453F3F4 60000000

0400AF0C 3800000X
0400AF08 60000000
04544930 60000000

0400AE30 3800000X
0400AE2C 60000000
045442B0 60000000

0400AFBC 3800000X
0400AFCC 809F0084
04532988 60000000

X = Region

This works by changing the region as early into the game as possible which actually affects an argument to an upcoming function which is held by r4. By the code above this argument would still be 1 for USA and so on, but this code modifies the argument to reflect the custom one as well (which is likely more stable), and then it bypasses the savegame region check completely, meaning it always thinks it is valid. (Normally the game compares the region value in your save against the one the game itself generated, and if they don't match, the game flags that the save has been corrupted and it brings up that menu we all dread. I've simply noped the branch so the game never sets the flag even if the region match fails)

But if you want to combine the current code in this thread with the bypass, copy the 045...... 60000000 instruction from each region.

Also, I couldn't get the game to overwrite the region in the save file. This was with me changing miis, entering and exiting Wiimmfi, and also doing a Time Trial too. So if bugs still persist then I don't know what else to do. Theoretically with this code, you can simply set the region to the value it would normally be, and it would reverse the bug if it happens at all.
I've already made both those codes. Wink

I could just add the Disable Region ID check to my other version of Region ID changer (or hell even with Anarion's old version) thats in this outdated forum, but I don't like having two codes in one code thread.

This reminds me that awhile ago, I stumbled across the instruction that's responsible for verifying the checksum of the datasave, never bothered making a code for it.
Lol. MKW screwin you over
(03-16-2020, 06:29 AM)JoshuaMK Wrote: [ -> ]Lol. MKW screwin you over
Tru that. Lol.

Which is why I've been doing HBC-related stuff recently. MKW shows no love.