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Full Version: End Race on Command [JoshuaMK]
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End Race on Command [JoshuaMK]

NOTE: Outdated by ComputerBot2016's version.

This code is designed to be able to work as early as before the countdown begins. Just press your button of choice and the race instantly ends.

0453009C 41800074
04530480 41820114
04530510 40820080
04530584 4081000C
0453097C 41820020
0453009C 60000000
04530480 60000000
04530510 60000000
04530584 60000000
0453097C 60000000
E0000000 80008000

04534BE4 41800074
04534FC8 41820114
04535058 40820080
045350CC 4081000C
045354C4 41820020
04534FC8 60000000
04534BE4 60000000
04535058 60000000
045350CC 60000000
045354C4 60000000
E0000000 80008000

04534564 41800074
04534948 41820114
045349D8 40820080
04534A4C 4081000C
04534E44 41820020
04534564 60000000
04534948 60000000
045349D8 60000000
04534A4C 60000000
04534E44 60000000
E0000000 80008000

04522C3C 41800074
04523020 41820114
045230B0 40820080
04523124 4081000C
0452351C 41820020
04522C3C 60000000
04523020 60000000
045230B0 60000000
04523124 60000000
0452351C 60000000
E0000000 80008000


Note: This code makes use of user input. See this guide for reference on filling in values:

Code Creator: JoshuaMK
Sweet Code. Btw, I have been linking all of your codes on the Discord Server so others can see your work.

Korea is 2833 Wink
(08-18-2019, 01:25 PM)Vega Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet Code. Btw, I have been linking all of your codes on the Discord Server so others can see your work.

Korea is 2833 Wink
Thank you! Also ik about Korea, I had just forgotten to change it.
Ye, I was just pullin your leg. I always forget to do 2833 for Korea for my codes then notice it a few days later. Nice work, once again.
Nice Code! Is there any way to modify the code to have it activated at certain actions like re-spawning?
Yes, that is entirely possible. Simply find a hook address that only is run over when respawning. Have this set a boolean flag to 1, and when the flag is true, a 28 codetype activates the race end.

Now I must warn you this code actually corrupts position values. Computerbot is working on a new version that doesn't have the side effects, so I suggest you use that version when it comes out Tongue
which nop ends online race?
I'm not actually sure Tongue I dont have the ability to do much online testing