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Full Version: Drop Item Hack [mdmwii]
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Drop Item Hack [mdmwii]

NOTE: Outdated by Unnamed's version

This code changes a desired item to act like a banana and allow you to drop it on the track. Red shell is the item that is replaced. Simply use an Always Have Red Shell Hack, activate code, then use your item.

Another note: For NTSC-U code (before you activate), green shells will appear when you use reds. This is due to 00000014 line in the code. If you change this to 00000008 (similar to PAL code), the reds will appear as reds, but you will disable acceleration from a stand still (you can still can due a stand still MT to get up to speed). It is not known why that is. PAL code has no issues. This could be a hook type issue? I'm simply too lazy to explore the problem.

80000009 00000001 
049BEEB8 000000WW
E2000001 00000000 
48000000 809BEE20 
DE000000 80008180 
58010000 00000014 
DE000000 80008180 
48100000 80001500 
DE000000 80008180 
94210009 0000008C 
14000090 00000001 
E0000000 80008000

80000009 00000001
049C36C0 000000WW
48000000 809C1900
DE000000 80008180
58010000 00000008
DE000000 80008180
48100000 80001500
DE000000 80008180
94210009 0000008C
14000090 00000001
E0000000 80008000



WW Item Values:
01 = Red Shell(Item replaced)
02 = Banana
03 = Mushroom
04 = Star
05 = Blue Shell
06 = Lightning
07 = Fake Box
08 = Mega Mushroom
09 = Bombs
0A = Blooper
0B = Pow Block
0C = Golden Mushroom
0D = Bullet Bill
0E = ThunderCloud

Code created by: mdmwii
Actually you only need the 04-RAM-Write line from this code. Then the code would be shorter than Bullys version. And if you alter the address repeatedly by 0x1C, the replaced item can be changed.

Examples for PAL:
049C36A4 (replace green shell)
049C36C0 (replace red shell, original code)
049C36DC (replace banana)
049C36F8 (replace Fake Box)
and so on continuing like the held and trailed Item Values

I haven't been able to test it, but I think the 1C rule is applicable to every Region. I have also found possible addresses for NTSC-K, but these would need to be tested.

EDIT: The new PAL code has been tested and works fine. I will post the new code in the Incomplete/Outdated Forum, because the other ports have not been tested yet.