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Hiya - ComputerBot2016 - 01-10-2020

Hey everyone. I already made a post in the help section the other day, but I’m still pretty new here.

As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve found many of the tutorials on this forum very helpful for learning how to make ASM based codes. I’ve already made a couple of simple codes, but nothing that I would consider releasing yet. I’m still learning, but I think I’m making some progress.

Anyway, hiya!

RE: Hiya - Fzerowii - 01-10-2020

Welcome to the forums!

RE: Hiya - JoshuaMK - 01-10-2020

Heeey another coder!

RE: Hiya - Ro_ - 01-10-2020

Welcome! What kind of codes have you done?

RE: Hiya - ComputerBot2016 - 01-11-2020

So far I’ve only remade a couple of codes that already exist, just for the sake of practice and learning. I made my own version of the no laps, always have item and can’t lose item codes. I’m trying to think of something original I can do that’s within my current skill level.