Call Parent Game Loop
Call Parent Game Loop

This code calls the parent game loop rather than the game specific one. It also enables the profiler provided by the parent game loop.

04008F4C 818C0070
04238B90 4E800020
04241860 4800001C
04241874 48000008
04241978 48000014

04008F8C 818C0070
04238F14 4E800020
0424271C 4800001C
04242730 48000008
04242834 48000014

04008EE8 818C0070
04238E34 4E800020
0424263C 4800001C
04242650 48000008
04242754 48000014

040090DC 818C0070
04239288 4E800020
04242A90 4800001C
04242AA4 48000008
04242BA8 48000014

Code Creators: Star, Riidefi
[Image: M8Vn0Cu.png]

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