How to Play on!
This tutorial will teach you how to play on, in my opinion, a better alternative to WHackR, Wiimmfi, etc. Since there's basically no rules and the server rarely lags.
It also compensates for Vanilla Mkwii feel instead of Wiimmfi Moderation. You can still do friend rooms, have fun, play ct packs on the server as well.


As well as the files if you already know how to do it.

Thanks for posting this to help the noobs. I wouldn't say this is a better alternative to Wiimmfi (as far as server stability and network connection is concerned). These ALTWFC type servers still have issues with room joining, network stability, etc. And they have to be rebooted quite a bit. I would say that this server is a good place to play if you were unjustly banned from Wiimmfi, or you need some place to play temporarily during your Wiimmfi 7 day wait.

I've noticed other servers (that also use ALTWFC code) have rules against banning. Don't really see the point, since these servers rarely get traffic.

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