Triple Mushroom Behavior Modifier [JoshuaMK]
Triple Mushroom Behavior Modifier [JoshuaMK]

Offline use only

This code effects the use/behavior of the Triple Mushroom. Read below for each separate description for each separate X value.

047ADF1C 28000000
047ADF20 3800000X

047BC97C 28000000
047BC980 3800000X

047BBFE8 28000000
047BBFEC 3800000X

047AAD3C 28000000
047AAD40 3800000X

X Values:
0 = Infinite Triple Mushroom
1 = When you use the Triple Shroom, it skips down to Single Shroom, then functions normally
2 = When you use the Triple Shroom, it goes down to two Shrooms and then turns Infinite
3 = Infinite Triple Mushroom

Code creator: JoshuaMK
Code Contributors: Phyz (Saw his code and decided to overhaul)
Was lucky enough to be one of few to learn proper ASM. Now I'm writing codes that I hope amaze!  Tongue

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