OSReport To USB Gecko (Slot B) [Star]
OSReport To USB Gecko (Slot B) [Star]

This code will pass formatted output data to the USB Gecko in Memory Card Slot B.

C25D8830 0000000F
9421FFE0 BF410008
3BE00019 3BC000D0
3FA0CD00 7C8903A6
7C7C1B78 8B7C0000
2C1B000D 40A20008
3B60000A 577BA016
677BB000 93DD6814
937D6824 93FD6820
835D6820 735A0001
40A2FFF8 837D6824
935D6814 577B37FF
4182FFC4 3B9C0001
4200FFBC BB410008
38210020 9421FFD0
60000000 00000000

Code Creator: Star
Code Credits: Kenobi (kenobiwii.bin)
[Image: NqzYssI.png]
[Image: M8Vn0Cu.png]

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