Possible Error/Bad-Instruction in Gecko Code Handler for C0 Code Usage
I'm currently working on a code, this code uses the typical ISFS Routine like my other codes...

Open -> Read - > Close -> Edit Heap -> Open -> Write - > Close

For initial beta testing, I was using the shared item address for the code, so the code was a C2 (InsertASM) Code at that time. Everything worked fine, I had no error values in function returns.

So I need the code ready at every frame, best way to do this is with the C0 Codetype. I get everything set up and the Code is a C0 Type. I get freezes no matter what. I found that during the first ISFS_Open, some crash would occur. I wouldn't even get a error return value, because the execution wouldn't even return from ISFS_Open. Just a plain crash.

The execution of the code would somehow return where my C0 Code is stored (at first instruction). Odd.

I decided to switch back to a C2 type (using some address that breaks every frame, I used this on other codes before), changed nothing of the source (other than add the default instruction of the new address), and BAM, it works.

So if anyone is interested, I will most likely release my new code tomorrow. You can convert it to a C0 type, add Star's Custom Exception Handler Code, and try to debug this. I have no desire to dig anymore into this.
Nevermind about tomorrow, code is released now - http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1218

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