WIT Command Cheat Sheet
Change the file type (ex: ISO to WBFS), original file gets copied so it remains unmodified
wit copy example.iso example.wbfs

Full Scrub (remove UPDATE and CHANNEL partition)
wit copy example.wbfs example2.wbfs --psel data

Extract game to manipulate its contents
wit extract example.wbfs /home/yourusername/newfolder (dont create newfolder before-hand)

Rebuild extracted game
wit copy ./newfolder /home/yourusername/newexample.wbfs

Verify game for integrity
wit verify example.wbfs

Patch domains of game (main.dol and StaticR.rel), command only works for ISO files
wit edit example.iso --http --domain example.com

Patch game for Wiimmfi, command only works for ISO files
wit edit example.iso --wiimmfi

Make a WIA file for storage (the best compression for a Wii game, this file type cannot be used for USB loading). It is recommended you do a full scrub on the game beforehand to achieve smallest size possible
wit copy example.wbfs example.wia --compression BEST

Change disc region (this has nothing to do with MKW regions whatsoever)
wit edit example.wbfs --region X
X Values:
0 = Japan/Taiwan
1 = USA
2 = PAL
4 = Korea

Change ID of game
wit edit example.wbfs --id XXXXYY
XXXX = the four letter part
YY = the double digit number part
Example: wit edit RMCE01.iso --id RMCZ01
^Thank you for these examples!

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