NonSC/No-Glitch Rules for the MKWPP
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NonSC/No-Glitch Rules

Last update: Dec 30, 2019

Here is a list of glitches/shortcuts that are not allowed for times being submitted as "NonSC/No-Glitch". Certain things that are allowed are also mentioned.

For the images: Red is the banned glitches/shortcuts. Green is the allowed shortcuts/paths.

Mushroom Gorge (MG)
- No riding on walls/mountain
- The 'Canyon Gap' that cuts the final turn is allowed, only if you don't ride the wall/mountain, clipping the wall is okay.

Toad's Factory (TF)
- No clipping any boxes/creates to go thru the factory walls.
- Using the lake shortcut near the dozer area is allowed.

Mario Circuit (MC)
- No clipping any trees to land on the track below.
- Using the ramp by the Chain Chomp is allowed.

Coconut Mall (CM)
- No going out of bounds (below the Mall, through the Mall's walls, the car parking lot, etc)
- No using the shroomspot exit to skip the first U-turn

Wario's Gold Mine (WGM)
- No hopping on/off any pipes or beams.
- The right-turn gap after the bat cave is allowed, only if you do not contact any of the beams.
- No using Lakitu to respawn you before the last turn to trigger a lap.

Maple Treeway (MT)
- No going out of bounds/skipping checkpoints of any kind to make the No-Lap-Count SC after the Cannon
- The U-turn gap (after the Wiggler area) is allowed.

Grumble Volcano (GV)
- No riding the rock by the start/finish line
- No jumping on/off any rocks (Yes, this includes the 'Rock-Hop' SC)
- No skipping across the lava next to the Rock Hop SC to force a Lakitu respawn glitch.

Bowser's Castle (BC)
- No using any halfpipes to jump to the upper section of track (right before the triple thwomps)

GCN Peach Beach (rPB)
- No clipping of any trees to land onto the beach below.

SNES Ghost Valley 2 (rGV2)
- No clipping of any walls/beams to skip portions of the track.

N64 Sherbet Land (rSL)
- No clipping the start/finish pole to land in the water behind.
- Bouncing off the wall to help aid in the shroomspot is allowed.

DS Desert Hills (rDH)
- No clipping the wall at the beginning to skip the lake.
- No jumping on top of the wall to skip the lake.

GBA Bowser's Castle 3 (rBC3)
- No using ANY of the yellow ramps to skip the two straights (Yes, this includes the 'Non-Ultra SC')
- You're still allowed to ride on the walls.

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (rDKJP)
- No clipping the tree to bounce off the start/finish line to land in the cave below.
- No jumping up through the fence to skip the spiral before the Cannon (known as the 'Spiral SC/Cut')

GCN DK Mountain (rDKM)
- No clipping through any fences to land in any area down below.
- The chasm SC right before the final turn is allowed.

N64 Bowser's Castle (rBC)
- No clipping the wall at the bridge (before the spiral) to fall into the lava to spawn up above.
- Riding the walls is allowed.

Please note that our main/default ranking is Combined. If you did a time as NonSC/No-glitch and forget to label it as so in a time submission, it will be updated as a Combined time!

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