Hello to everyone
Hello to everyone in this community,

my interest in codes started many years ago and i liked to play with codes, but i had no idea what these codes actually mean, how they work and so on.

Then half a year ago I discovered this site and was amazed. Not only by the quality of the codes, but also by the well written and understandable tutorials. These tutorials helped me to understand how codes are structured, what ASM codes do and especially how to port codes. Thanks to everyone who wrote these, especially you Vega.

However, I can't test the codes I make (only those in my region PAL) because I can't install Dolphin due to my limited PC-RAM. Since I have already ported some codes from the Incomlete/Outdated forum, I would like to ask if any of you can test these codes and if so, where I can post them.
I'm happy to be a member now and thank you for the answer  Smile .

And please don't be mad at me for my bad english.
Hello and welcome! I appreciate your gratitude.

If you have completed ports of a code-thread in the Incomplete/Outdated forum, just post a reply containing the ported versions in that thread. I'll do a final verification of the ports (test run the ports on wii/dolphin) and apply the updates.

If a thread still remains outdated (by a different code) after ports, it will remain in Incomplete/Outdated. If not, then the code will be moved out of the Incomplete/Outdated forum and placed it in it's appropriate sub category of the main Codes forum.
Welcome to this awesome forum!
Welcome to the 4-um!
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Greetings Smile

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