Introducing Vega's ALTWFC Patcher (HBC app)
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An HBC app I created to patch GCT files present on your SD card to enable ALTWFC access. Missing GCT files will also be created from scratch and written to your SD card. App also works with GCN controllers. Be sure to read the README!!!

The app has NOT been tested yet on Dolphin nor when GCTs are patched/created on a USB stick.

For those who want to compile the app from Source:
Already got v.03 up. Added GCN controller support and did some code optimization regarding file closing/opening.
v0.4 has been released. First version that is 'good enough' to allow a precompiled Download. Updated the OP.
v0.5 released! Op updated.
v0.6 released!

Tired of using GCTs? No more! App can convert TXTs to GCTs plus appending the ALTWFC code to the GCT after it's been converted from TXT!
Also added support for Classic Controller.

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