New HBC MKW Unlocking App (V-Unlock by Vega)
I decided to take the work I did on my cheat code 'Perfect License Unlock & VR+BR Modifier' and implement that into a Wii Homebrew Application. I call it V-Unlock.

Download ->
sha256 checksum if desired ->

App is only at version 0.2. Still really beta and barely tested. The app should work on Dolphin but it only has been tested on the Wii Console.

V-Unlock allows you choose what Star Rank you want and then the app will unlock everything for every license for every data save you have on your Wii NAND, as long as the Game ID for that data save starts with 'RMC' and ends with any capital letter. Obviously this includes the normal 4 regions of MKWii but also includes any custom Game ID data saves.

The app automatically sets the VR+BR to 9999. I'm currently too lazy to implement options regarding VR+BR.
Amazing, but why stop there? Why not make other codes patchable? Almost like a mod menu!
It's simply not something I want to do. All my HBC apps are implemented with a lot of inline ASM. So very complex stuff is not a possibility for me. I'm terrible at writing in C.

Other than various Code Patching, what other ideas do you have for HBC apps?
Awesome, Great work
Really nice stuff Vega

EDIT: Tested works great!
Thanks guys!

What I will implement next for v0.3 (if laziness doesn't take over lol)

- Ability to choose whether or not to also do the VR/BR mods.
- Ability to choose whether or not to preform 100% Wii Wheel stat
- Make app work with Classic Controller
- Maybe implement an Auto Exit out the app as long as no Error Occurs
- Better looking icon.png, yes I know the current one is trash

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