MKW Endurance Mode
I had the idea for this little custom mode about 2 days ago. Basically, it consists of 50 lap races with completely random items. You earn points for finishing in top positions, but also by hitting other people with items. To make the race more interesting, there are some other little additions:
  • All Items Can Land
  • Instant Item Boxes
  • Max Item Limit Modifier + No POW/Shock Delay
  • Draggable Blue Shells (in case you get blue shells in first place)
  • Bullet Bill Speed Modifier + Disable Icon (makes it easier to catch up over long distances) 
  • Motion-Sensor Bomb (makes bombs more useful in case you're alone on a portion of the track)
Current issues:
  • The lap code (Starting Lap Modifier) does not allow to keep track of the current lap. It will be replaced by Joshua's Custom Laps code when it is finished.
I'd also like to thank all the code authors for making this possible! 

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