MKW Endurance Mode
I had the idea for this little custom mode about 2 days ago. Basically, it consists of 50 lap races with completely random items. My local community adds extra points to the base score based on hits given (tracked with Kill-o-Meter). To make the race more interesting, there are some other little additions. Here's the code list:
  • All Items Can Land
  • Equal Item Probability
  • Instant Item Boxes
  • Max Item Limit Modifier
  • Draggable Blue Shells (in case you get blue shells in first place)
  • Bullet Bill Speed Modifier + Disable Icon (makes it easier to catch up over long distances) 
  • Motion-Sensor Bomb (makes bombs more useful in case you're alone on a portion of the track)
  • Mega TC (Thunderclouds in last places can give a very big disadvantage)
  • Disable Time Limit (removes 5 minute time limit + 5:56 forced disconnection)
  • Remove Mushroom Bug (for obvious reasons)
  • No Disconnect (in case someone needs to leave temporarily)
Current issues:
  • The lap code (Starting Lap Modifier) does not allow to keep track of the current lap. This gives the mode a surprise element, but it may be replaced by Joshua's Custom Laps code when it is finished, since it outputs the lap number on screen.
We also have a Discord server now, if you want to join! (We changed the name to Formula Kart Wii)

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