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New Default Theme Coming Soon: Inferno vs Emerald

In about a week, a new default theme will be implemented and all other themes will be thrown away. I have been using the mybb default theme for quite some time now. The two new themes to choose from are Inferno and Emerald.

They are both dark themes. Both themes have some quirks (small bugs). I want users to try them both out and vote in the poll provided (poll expires in 7 days) for which one they like best, leave a comment too if you can.

I also set up some quick temp logos/banners for each theme to give you an idea of what the final product would look like.

How to Choose a Theme:
Go to any page you are on and go to the bottom right, there is a drop down theme menu. Choose your theme.

Important note switching off from Emerald after choosing it:
Emerald doesn't come with a standard theme drop down menu. To switch off Emerald, go to your User control panel. On the left hand side, choose Edit Options. Scroll to the very bottom, you will see the theme drop down menu.

Inferno Bugs:
Some people's avatars are stretched.
Thread icons (for indicators such as new thread, hot thread, closed thread) don't work at all.
Can't do quick edit on posts.
Option to undo votes on polls doesn't appear.
Read/Unread icons don't work correctly (I noticed some users like this feature for seeing new posts, so this may be a big issue for certain ppl)

Partially fixed now: Read 2nd post.

Emerald Bugs:
Thread icons partially work.
Can't use special forum rank icons (rankings of naner, green, red, mega etc).

Partially fixed now. Read 2nd post.

Inferno Pros:
Similar look/layout to mybb default, no need for crazy adaption, everything is pretty much all in the same place as before
Forum rank icons stay intact

Inferno Cons:
Slightly diminished Avatar quality (only on thread posts) due to me having to fix a stretching problem, some avy's were fixed while others remain stretched.

Emerald Pros:
Integrated + Automated Tablet & Mobile Views (big plus for cell phone users)
Announcements + Stats Side Bar (not really useful since we have the Announcements thread anyway)
Ability to include mkwii.com's YT, FB, TWTR icon links at bottom (if i ever decide to implement such things in the future)

Emerald Cons:
Some small overlay problems (go to member page list for an example)


My opinions:
If we are going towards a hardcore gamer-oriented / classic-look aspect, then Inferno is a no brainer
If we are going towards a more modern look with mobile capabilities, then Emerald would be the best choice.

Final notes:
If there doesn't seem to be enough support/votes for a new theme overall, then I may just make the dark skin of mybb default theme the overall final default theme. That way there are no bugs/hiccups.

Be sure to vote! (The poll will expire in 7 days)
UPDATE: I partially fixed the read/unread forum icon issue on Inferno.

When you have a forum that is already read, the icon will be grey as it should be.

However if a forum is unread (orange), you can't just click on the icon itself to make it go grey if you dont want to actually read the unread forum/thread. Well you can, but you gotta refresh the page after the click and the icon is now grey.

So mostly working.

UPDATE 2: I'm now able to have diff icons for diff user groups on the Emerald theme. However I still can't do forum icons for normal members that will change/update when a certain post count is met.

UPDATE 3: Found some more bugs in the Inferno theme, listed them
THREAD CLOSED. My tiny brain figured out how to edit the colors for the mybb dark skin.

I made the colors to partially reflect the inferno theme. To me this is way better than using a 3rd party theme as i kept finding bug after bug. All other themes have been wiped.

The poll showed the majority of users wanted inferno hence why the new color theme for this dark skin represents the inferno colors.

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