Code request (Useful for many packs)
Hello, I want to make a gamemode but there is a problem: It is timer based, so, the timer will have to be different deoending on the amount of players in the room.

Can someone create a code that is an activator for player amounts? Like this:

XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX -> big assembly code for the player amount activator
28YYYYYY 000000PP - activator for amount of players
04000000 00000000 - code wanted
E0000000 80008000 - terminator

Let's say I want a cheat to have differsnt values depending on the amount of players in the room
28YYYYYY 00000001 - if 1P
04533330 38000005
e0000000 80008000
28yyyyyy 00000002 - if 2P
04533330 3800000A
e0000000 80008000
and there it goes
The byte at 809c38b8 PAL stores the player count, so you could read from there with a 16 bit if equal code type, and use the mask to read just the byte
I think you only need to store the Amount of Players to a specific memory location. Then you can build your activatior.

In the Incomplete/Outdated Subforum is the old "In Race Room Sized/Position based Shared Item Code". In this Code, the first ASM stores the In Race Room Size. If this is what you need, you can store it to e.g. 0x80000FAC and then use Gecko Codetypes to make your Activator.

But I don't know if this value also is the Room Size of battles.
The minigame wouldnt work correctly without different timers

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