Hi, programming help suggestions?
 I am a father of a Mario Kart Wii obsessive 8 year old with Asbergers. We have a plan (me and him) to learn about programming through hacking our Mario Kart Wii. We have CTGP but are pretty clueless otherwise. Some tips on what to do and where to go would be appreciated. My goal is to bring him into general programming through Mario Kart. He has an amazing ability with facts and figures and a photographic memory.
Any help appreciated.
Lower786's dad.
Hello and welcome to MKWii.com.

In regards to learning about programming for MKWii, it depends on what you and your son want to do.

For learning how to make your own cheat codes and learn Assembly (PowerPC), read this thread - https://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1114

Mario Kart Wii already has over 700 different cheat codes made already. Finding something 'new/unique' to create a code to manipulate on will be difficult. Just a heads up. Regardless, once a user has learned PowerPC ASM to make codes, you can do it for any Wii game.

If you are wanting to learn Static Analysis (reverse engineering), you will need to know C & C++ beforehand. Ghidra is a good static analysis tool - https://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1193 There's also other programs such as IDA Pro, but you need to fork up money for those.

If you ever decide to take the route of learning Homebrew Dev for the Wii (using devkitpro PPC), you will need to know C beforehand. Good starting point - https://devkitpro.org/wiki/Getting_Started


Myself, JoshuaMK, and Seeky all know Assembly very well. For higher level language stuff (like C, C++, Python etc), it would be best to send a PM to JoshuaMK or Seeky. You could also try to contact Star.

Profile Links (also included some other devs that could be helpful)
https://mkwii.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=6 - Star
https://mkwii.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=104 - JoshuaMK
https://mkwii.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=136 - Seeky

We have a discord server too if you are interested in joining.
If you are interested in also modifyig the game's file for textures, music, layout editing, character or more stuff, feel free to add me on Discord: Ro#3717

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