Enable Item Boxes In Time Trials [Seeky, Melg]
Enable Item Boxes In Time Trials [Seeky, Melg]

This code enables the spawning and usage of Item Boxes in time trials, done by using a modified version of the code to make objects use their Time Trial mode in all modes from Time Trials Online by Melg along with a code to stop the time trial check when a player hits a box.

047AB5A0 38000000
048169A4 38e00000

047BA000 38000000
0482A4B8 38e00000

047B966C 38000000
04829B24 38e00000

047A83C0 38000000
04818878 38e00000

Code created by: Melg (object mode override), Seeky (modification of original code, enabling item box collision)

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