Can I get my name changed?
Could I please get my name changed to Ro?
I moved your thread over to here. For future reference, username change requests need to be posted in this thread -

Anyway, getting back on point~

This was your first profile you made. I remember when you made your 2nd account (no name guy), you said to me on Discord you couldn't access your original because of a password issue. IIRC, I offered to update your profile to a new password, but you just decided to stick with the 2nd account instead.

So here are my questions.

Do you want the password changed on your original account so you can access it? If so, just PM me the new password.

If you don't want that and wanna stick with your 2nd account, I am willing to change the username on it, just ONCE. It cannot be 'Ro' as that goes below the 3 character limit. Do you want RoGamer? Or something else?

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