POW Damage Type Modifier [Supastarrio]
This code modifies the type of damage the player receives when POW'd. If used online, other players will see you using the modified damage.

0057A943 000000XX

005811A7 000000XX

00580B27 000000XX

0056F1FF 000000XX

XX Values:
00: Spin-out (Banana)
01: Spin-out (? Longer than 00)
02: Knockback (Shells, FIB)
03: Knockback (Star)
04: Knockback (?)
05: Knockback (?)
06: Knockback (Bullet Bill)
07: Launched (Bomb-omb, Blue Shell)
08: Launched (?)
09: Firey Spin-out (?)
0A: Spin-out (Lightning)
0B: POW'd (default value)
0C: Crushed (? Thwomp maybe)
0D: Crushed (Mega Mushroom)
0E: Crushed (?)
0F: Spin-out (?)
10: Crushed, then respawn (?)
11: Spin-out (Thunder Cloud)
12 and beyond either crash, or star spam on the server side.

Code created by: Supastarrio

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