Pretty Speedometer [stebler]
(02-10-2021, 02:25 PM)Leseratte10 Wrote: Is it possible to make this fade-out along with the other HUD elements? Currently when you press Plus to pause the game, this display stays on-screen and doesn't disappear like the "legit" HUD elements.

It inherits the properties of the element it replaces ("GHOST DATA CANNOT BE SAVED"), which doesn't disappear when pausing. I will see if that can be changed.
Is it possible to align the text to the left?
(03-13-2021, 12:51 PM)Lydeum Wrote: Is it possible to align the text to the left?

change 38c00002 to 38c00000
I'm in love clicking the circles, and would screw up the 'white box'
(02-09-2021, 04:39 PM)Melg Wrote: Yes you can change it to display anything really. For example this is a debug panel code I made for CT authors and testers:
[Image: debug.png]
I see, that you have infos about KCL and ITPT. Can you please explain, how to get this data. Best is a pseudo code, C or assembler.
How to change to race.szs font?

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