Write to File on SD Card v0.3 [Vega]
Write to File on SD Card v0.3 [Vega]

NOTE: Licensed under GPLv2. A notice of the license is included in the source below.

Code creator: Vega
Code credits: Bushing & Segher (Read File from SD)

This code will allow you to write to a file that's on your SD card. This does NOT work on directories, files only. The code works on every Wii game. There are some quirks with this current version (0.3) but I may improve it over time, who knows.

Video demo~

Quirks for v0.3:
- Can't create, delete, resize, or rename files
- File must be on Root directory
- File Name (including null byte appended at end) must not exceed 13 bytes in length
- FAT32 only
- No SDHC's

How to use the Code:

Create a separate code to setup the args~
r3 = Pointer to file name
r4 = Pointer to contents that will be written to file
r5 = Length of r4 (in bytes)

Call the function~
lis rX, 0x8000 #X being w/e register you want to use
lwz rX, 0xUUUU (rX) #U values explained below
mtctr rX

The function returns a value in r3. 0 = success. Any IOS Errors will be returned. I also added in custom error codes as well
-31 = BPB_BytesPerSector was not 0x200 (Just do a plain jane FAT32 format to solve this issue)
-32 = Partition was not FAT32
-33 = File not found
-34 = Bad Cluster found in Cluster Chain
-35 = File Name too long
-36 = Your r5 arg exceeds the size of the file

U = Lower 16 bits of EVA to place the function address at
V = IOS_Open
X = IOS_Ioctl
Y = IOS_Ioctlv
Z = IOS_Close

C0000000 000000AC
3D608000 398F0010
918BUUUU 4E800020
9421FD00 7C0802A6
90010304 BDC102B8
7C771B78 7C962378
7CB52B78 48000025
2F646576 2F736469
6F2F736C 6F743000
7E8802A6 BB140000
7C2C0B78 70200010
40820008 398C0010
3B8C0008 3BAC0048
3BCC0068 3BEC00A8
38740010 38800000
7F0903A6 4E800421
2C030000 41800474
7C731B78 38800004
38A00000 38C00000
7FA7EB78 39000004
7F2903A6 4E800421
2C030000 4082044C
3C60CD80 800300C0
2C000000 3E400001
4182000C 825D0000
7652FFFF 48000441
38000007 90050000
38000003 90050004
38000002 90050008
9245000C 38000000
90050010 90050014
90050018 9005001C
90050020 7F2903A6
4E800421 2C030000
408203E8 480003F9
38000010 90050000
38000001 90050008
3A200200 9225000C
7F2903A6 4E800421
2C030000 408203BC
480003CD 38000037
90050000 9245000C
7F2903A6 4E800421
2C030000 4082039C
480003AD 38000006
90050000 38000002
9005000C 7F2903A6
4E800421 2C030000
40820378 7E639B78
38800002 7F85E378
38C00018 7FA7EB78
39000004 38000028
90050000 38000000
90050004 90050008
38000001 9005000C
7F2903A6 4E800421
2C030000 40820334
7E639B78 38800001
7F85E378 38C00018
38E00000 39000000
801D0000 70000002
60000002 90050010
7F2903A6 4E800421
2C030000 408202FC
7E639B78 38800006
7F85E378 38C00004
38E00000 39000000
38000001 90050000
7F2903A6 4E800421
2C030000 408202CC
480002F9 93870000
38000024 90070004
93E70008 9227000C
93A70010 38000010
90070014 38000012
901C0000 38000003
901C0004 39000001
911C0008 38000000
901C000C 911C0010
923C0014 93FC0018
911C001C 901C0020
7F4903A6 4E800421
2C030000 40820264
386001C6 7E9F1C2C
7E9489D6 48000285
929C000C 7F4903A6
4E800421 2C030000
40820240 3860000B
7E1F1E2C 2C100200
3860FFE1 4082022C
89FF000D 3860000E
7DDF1E2C 899F0010
38600020 7D7F1C2C
38600024 7D5F1C2C
7D2A61D6 7F2E4A14
7C795850 7C037BD6
2800FFF5 3860FFE0
418001F0 7F1071D6
7F18A214 7E30C9D6
7E31A214 4800020D
923C000C 7F4903A6
4E800421 2C030000
408201C8 38000020
7C0903A6 391FFFF0
8C080010 2C000000
3860FFDF 418201AC
8808000B 2C00000F
4082009C 88080000
2C000041 40820090
3928FFFF 3941FFDF
38E00005 8C090002
9C0A0001 34E7FFFF
4082FFF4 3928000C
38E00006 8C090002
9C0A0001 34E7FFFF
4082FFF4 8808001C
9C0A0001 8808001E
9C0A0001 3937FFFF
38E00000 38E70001
8C090001 2C000000
4082FFF4 2807000D
3860FFDD 4181012C
3937FFFF 3941FFDF
8C090001 8C6A0001
7C001800 40820010
48000010 4200FF4C
3A310200 4BFFFF20
3880003C 7C08242C
7C150040 3860FFDC
418100E8 38A00034
7C682E2C 38A0003A
7C882E2C 5463801E
7C712378 3AD6FFFF
48000111 91DC000C
38000080 7C0903A6
387FFFFC 38000000
94030004 4200FFFC
387FFFFF 38000200
7C0903A6 7C150040
41810008 7EA903A6
8C160001 9C030001
4200FFF8 480000B5
38000019 901C0000
7F4903A6 4E800421
2C030000 4082006C
36B5FE00 40810058
5623103A 7C63C214
5464002C 7EE41850
909C000C 4800007D
38000012 901C0000
7F4903A6 4E800421
2C030000 40820034
7E37FC2C 3C000FFF
6000FFF7 7C110040
3860FFDE 4182001C
39CE0200 4180005D
4BFFFF4C 7E639B78
7F6903A6 4E800421
B9C102B8 80010304
7C0803A6 38210300
4E800020 7E639B78
38800007 7F85E378
38C00024 7FA7EB78
39000010 4E800020
7E639B78 38800007
38A00002 38C00001
7FC7F378 4E800020
3871FFFE 7C6379D6
7C63CA14 7C6381D6
7DD41A14 4E800020

// This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, version 2.0.

// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License 2.0 for more details.


.set ios_open, 0x801938f8
.set ios_ioctl, 0x80194290
.set ios_ioctlv, 0x801945e0
.set ios_close, 0x80193ad8

.macro call_ios_open
mtctr r24

.macro call_ios_ioctl
mtctr r25

.macro call_ios_ioctlv
mtctr r26

.macro call_ios_close
mtctr r27

.macro prologue
stwu sp, -0x0300 (sp)
mflr r0
stw r0, 0x0304 (sp)
stmw r14, 0x02B8 (sp)

.macro epilogue
lmw r14, 0x02B8 (sp)
lwz r0, 0x0304 (sp)
mtlr r0
addi sp, sp, 0x0300

#Register Notes
#r31 = Second Output Buffer
#r30 = Vector Root aka Vector Table
#r29 = Output Buffer
#r28 = Input Buffer
#r27 = IOS_Close
#r26 = IOS_Ioctlv
#r25 = IOS_Ioctl
#r24 = IOS_Open
#r23 = r3 arg
#r22 = r4 arg
#r21 = r5 arg
#r20 = LUT Pointer
#r19 = SD fd
#r18 = RCA (relative card address)
#r17 = 0x200 (Block Length)

#Put function at 0x800001B0; adjust this accordingly to your needs
lis r11, 0x8000
addi r12, r15, 0x10 #r15 from codehandler points to start of this C0 code
stw r12, 0x1B0 (r11)


#Place Args in GVRs
mr r23, r3
mr r22, r4
mr r21, r5

#Set LUT (Lookup Table)
bl table
.long ios_open
.long ios_ioctl
.long ios_ioctlv
.long ios_close
.string "/dev/sdio/slot0"
.align 2
mflr r20

#Load all IOS Function Call Pointers from LUT into r24 thru r27, r28 and up will be used after this
lmw r24, 0 (r20)

#Adjust Stack so pointers/buffers can be 32 byte aligned
mr r12, sp
andi. r0, sp, 0x0010
bne- setup_pointers

addi r12, r12, 0x0010

#Setup all Pointers/Buffers
addi r28, r12, 0x8
addi r29, r12, 0x48
addi r30, r12, 0x68
addi r31, r12, 0xA8

#Open SD card
addi r3, r20, 0x10 #Points to sd dev path
li r4, 0
cmpwi r3, 0
blt- end_function
mr r19, r3 #Backup fd

#Reset SD card and get new RCA; r3 already set
li r4, 4
li r5, 0
li r6, 0
mr r7, r29
li r8, 4
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Get SD Status Not Needed
#If done SD status returns one word
#Bit 15 = SDIO Int Pending (1 = Not Busy, 0 = Busy)
#Bit 30 = SDIO Interrupt (set to 1 if no SD card, bad SD card, or some other error)
#Bit 31 = Card Present (set to 1 if Bit 30 is 0 and a valid SD card is present)
#All other bits unused

#Dolphin Fix
#Sometimes Dolphin won't return an rca on certain games after calling Reset SD, don't know why. However when it does, it always returns an rca value of 0x0001. So let's fix it.
#Check if on Dolphin, it always uses a value of 0x00000000 on GPIO list for HW_GPIOB_OUT
lis r3, 0xCD80
lwz r0, 0x00C0 (r3)
cmpwi r0, 0
lis r18, 0x0001
beq- select_sd

#RCA is returned in upper 16 bits, lower 16 bits is 'stuff bits' which is always 0x0000
#WiiBrew says to and the status with FFFF0000, but stuff bits ALWAYS returns 0x0000
#W/e do it just in case. Save status in r18; ill double check this later in Brawl
lwz r18, 0 (r29)
andis. r18, r18, 0xFFFF

#Setup Args for Selecting the SD card
bl pre_ios_ioctl_send_cmd

#Setup Input Buffer Contents (7,3,2,rca&0xFFFF0000,0,0,0)
li r0, 7
stw r0, 0 (r5)
li r0, 3
stw r0, 0x4 (r5)
li r0, 2
stw r0, 0x8 (r5)
stw r18, 0xC (r5) #RCA

#0x10 thru 0x23 = null

#Set 0x10 thru 0x23 words as null so it stays null through rest of SD calls
li r0, 0
stw r0, 0x10 (r5)
stw r0, 0x14 (r5)
stw r0, 0x18 (r5)
stw r0, 0x1C (r5)
stw r0, 0x20 (r5)

#Select the SD card
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Setup Args for Setting the Block Length
bl pre_ios_ioctl_send_cmd

#Setup Input Buffer Contents (0x10,3,1,0x200,0,0,0)
li r0, 0x10
stw r0, 0 (r5)
#0x4 word already at 3
li r0, 1
stw r0, 0x8 (r5)
li r17, 0x200 #The Block Length; place in r17, will be used multiple times later
stw r17, 0xC (r5)

#0x10 thru 0x23 = null

#Set Block Length to 0x200
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Setup Args for Setting the Bus Width to 4 (Part 1/4)
bl pre_ios_ioctl_send_cmd

#Setup Input Buffer Contents (0x37,3,1,rca&0xFFFF0000,0,0,0)
li r0, 0x37
stw r0, 0 (r5)
#0x4 and 0x8 words already set
stw r18, 0xC (r5)

#0x10 thru 0x23 = null

#Set Bus Width to 4 (Part 1/4)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Setup Args for Setting the Bus Width to 4 (Part 2/4)
bl pre_ios_ioctl_send_cmd

#Setup Input Buffer Contents (6,3,1,2,0,0,0)
li r0, 6
stw r0, 0 (r5)
#0x4 and 0x8 words already set
li r0, 2
stw r0, 0xC (r5)

#0x10 thru 0x23 = null

#Set Bus Width to 4 (Part 2/4)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Setup Args for Setting the Bus Width to 4 (Part 3/4)
#Setup SD_HC_READ8
mr r3, r19
li r4, 2
mr r5, r28
li r6, 0x18
mr r7, r29
li r8, 4

#Setup Input Buffer Contents (0x28,0,0,1,0,0)
li r0, 0x28
stw r0, 0 (r5)
li r0, 0
stw r0, 0x4 (r5)
stw r0, 0x8 (r5)
li r0, 1
stw r0, 0xC (r5)
#0x10 and 0x14 words already set to 0 from earlier

#Call SD_HC_READ8 (Bus width 3/4)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Setup Args for Setting Bus Width to 4 (Part 4/4)
#Setup SD_HC_WRITE_8
mr r3, r19
li r4, 1
mr r5, r28
li r6, 0x18
li r7, 0
li r8, 0

#Take Output Buffer from SD_HC_READ8, logical and it with 2, then logical or it with 2
lwz r0, 0 (r29)
andi. r0, r0, 2
ori r0, r0, 2 #r0 = reg

#Setup Input Buffer Contents (0x28,0,0,1,reg,0)
#0x0, 0x4, 0x8, 0xC, and 0x14 words already set from last time
stw r0, 0x10 (r5)

#Call SD_HC_WRITE8 (Bus width 4/4)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Setup Args for Clocking the SD
mr r3, r19
li r4, 6
mr r5, r28
li r6, 4
li r7, 0
li r8, 0

#Setup Input Buffer Contents
li r0, 1
stw r0, 0 (r5)

#Clock the SD
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Dump the first 0x200 bytes of the SD card physically

#Setup Args for SD Read Multi Block
bl pre_ios_ioctlv

#Setup Vector Root Index aka Vector Table (r7)
stw r28, 0 (r7) #First Vector Input Buffer
li r0, 0x24 #Size of First Vector Input Buffer
stw r0, 0x4 (r7)
stw r31, 0x8 (r7) #Second Vector Input Buffer (this is actually the output buffer where the physical SD contents are dumped, weird that's used as an Input Buffer in the Vector table, but this is how Brawl and Zelda Twilight do it, so it's correct).
stw r17, 0xC (r7) #0x200 for dumping 0x200 bytes
stw r29, 0x10 (r7) #Output/Reply Buffer for the Vector, fyi, not really important but has to be set
li r0, 0x10 #Size of Output/Reply Buffer
stw r0, 0x14 (r7)

#Setup Vector First Input Pointer Contents (r28); (0x12,3,1,physicaloffset,1,0x200,&buffer,1,0)
li r0, 0x12 #CMD for READ; fyi use 0x19 for WRITE
stw r0, 0 (r28)
li r0, 3
stw r0, 0x4 (r28)
li r8, 1 #Place in r8, will be used again
stw r8, 0x8 (r28)
li r0, 0 #Address offset of SD card, 0 for very start of SD
stw r0, 0xC (r28)
stw r8, 0x10 (r28)
stw r17, 0x14 (r28) #0x200 Block width
stw r31, 0x18 (r28) #Second Vector Input Pointer aka place where SD will be dumped
stw r8, 0x1C (r28)

#0x20 thru 0x23 = null

#Set 0x20 as null so it stays null through future calls
#r0 already set to null from earlier, setting address offset to 0
stw r0, 0x20 (r28)

cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function


#r31 = MBR
#r28 = Input Buffer (1st Input Pointer of Vector)
#r17 = 0x200

#Master Boot Record dumped, figure out where Partition is at; put in r20, will be used later
li r3, 0x1C6 #This is correct due to nearby MBR values being 10 bit strings
lwbrx r20, r31, r3
mullw r20, r20, r17 #times it by 0x200

bl pre_ios_ioctlv

#Vector table (r7) has everything set from last time, just set diff offset to dump
stw r20, 0xC (r28)

#DUMP THE SD Partition (first 0x200 bytes of it aka the Boot/Reserved Sector)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Figure out all BPB's and other important values/pointers from the Boot Sector of the SD
#r31 = Where Boot Sector is at
#r25 = Root/Data Start Sector
#r20 = Partition Physical Offset
#r16 = BPB_BytesPerSector
#r15 = BPB_SecPerClus
#r14 = BPB_RsvdSecCnt
#r12 = BPB_NumFATs
#r11 = BPB_TotSec32
#r10 = BPB_FATSz32
#r9 = FATsz

#Get BPB_BytesPerSector
li r3, 0xB
lhbrx r16, r31, r3

#Check if BPB_BytesPerSector is 0x200. If not, throw error.
cmpwi r16, 0x200
li r3, -31
bne- end_function

#Get BPB_SecPerClus
lbz r15, 0xD (r31)

#Get BPB_RsvdSecCnt
li r3, 0xE
lhbrx r14, r31, r3

#Get BPB_NumFATs
lbz r12, 0x10 (r31)

#Get BPB_TotSec32
li r3, 0x20
lwbrx r11, r31, r3

#Get BPB_FATSz32
li r3, 0x24
lwbrx r10, r31, r3

#Calculate FATsz (aka FAT sectors)
mullw r9, r10, r12

#Calculate Root/Data Start Sector (always same on FAT32, so we just need to calculate Root Start Sector)
#BPB_RsvdSecCnt + FATsz aka FAT Sectors
add r25, r14, r9

#Check if partition is FAT32
#Calculate total Clusters first
#(BPB_TotalSec32 - Data aka Root Start Sector) / BPB_SecPerClus
sub r3, r11, r25
divw r0, r3, r15

#FAT32 must have at least 65525 clusters (0xFFF5)
cmplwi r0, 0xFFF5
li r3, -32
blt- end_function

#r31 = Where Boot Sector is at (Offset 0x0)
#r25 = Root/Data Start Sector
#r20 = Partition Physical Offset
#r17 = 0x200 then Root/Data Start Physical Offset
#r16 = BPB_BytesPerSector
#r15 = BPB_SecPerClus
#r14 = BPB_RsvdSecCnt

#Calculate FAT physical offset
#[BPB_BytesPerSector * BPB_RsvdSecCnt] + Partition Physical Offset
mullw r24, r16, r14
add r24, r24, r20

#Calculate Root/Data offset, will need to use it later
#[(BPB_BytesPerSector * Root/Data Start Sector)] + Partition Physical Offset
mullw r17, r16, r25
add r17, r17, r20


#Big azz loop to attempt to find file name in entire root/data sector

#Got the Root/Data offset, now Dump it, replacing the Boot sector dump
bl pre_ios_ioctlv

#Change Address Offset of SD (root/data physical offset) in Vector First Input, everything else already set
stw r17, 0xC (r28)

#0x20 thru 0x23 = null ofc

#Dump SD contents (Root/data Start Sector)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function


#We are now at Root/Data start Sector area (starts at very beginning of Root/Data sector)

#r31 = Data/Root Location in Memory
#r25 = Root/Data Start Sector
#r24 = Fat Physical Offset
#r20 = Partition Physical Offset
#r17 = Current Root/Data Sector Physical Address dumped (first execute of loop at start of Root/Data Physical Offset)
#r16 = BPB_BytesPerSector
#r15 = BPB_SecPerClus

#Setup Load Byte Item Loop CTR and r8

li r0, 0x20
mtctr r0 #0x200 / 0x10 = 32 rows to check per dump
addi r8, r31, -0x10

#Check if end of Root/Data has been reached
lbzu r0, 0x10 (r8)
cmpwi r0, 0
li r3, -33 #Error for file not found
beq- end_function

#Check for 0x0F byte at 0xB offset (ATTR_LONG_FILE_NAME byte)
lbz r0, 0xB (r8)
cmpwi r0, 0xF
bne- decrement_loop

#LFN byte found, check if file has extended name; if so, go to next item
lbz r0, 0 (r8)
cmpwi r0, 0x41 #0x41 indiciates valid item with non extended name
bne- decrement_loop

#Valid Item found, parse the name
addi r9, r8, -1
addi r10, sp, -0x21
li r7, 5

lbzu r0, 0x2 (r9)
stbu r0, 0x1 (r10)
subic. r7, r7, 1
bne+ name_parse_first_part

addi r9, r8, 0xC
li r7, 6

lbzu r0, 0x2 (r9)
stbu r0, 0x1 (r10)
subic. r7, r7, 1
bne+ name_parse_second_part

lbz r0, 0x1C (r8)
stbu r0, 0x1 (r10)

lbz r0, 0x1E (r8)
stbu r0, 0x1 (r10)

#Get Length of User's File Name
addi r9, r23, -1
li r7, 0

addi r7, r7, 1
lbzu r0, 0x1 (r9)
cmpwi r0, 0
bne+ file_name_length

cmplwi r7, 13
li r3, -35
bgt- end_function

#Compare User's Name to Current Parsed name
addi r9, r23, -1
addi r10, sp, -0x21

lbzu r0, 0x1 (r9)
lbzu r3, 0x1 (r10)
cmpw r0, r3
bne- decrement_loop

subic. r7, r7, 1
bne+ name_compare_loop

#Name match, file found
b file_found

bdnz+ load_byte_item

#Dump next 0x200 of Root/Data Sector to keep trying to find file
addi r17, r17, 0x200
b root_data_sector_loop

#File found, Compare the size to the user's byte arg for writing. If the arg is greater than the size, throw an error code.
li r4, 0x3C
lwbrx r0, r8, r4
cmplw r21, r0
li r3, -36
bgt- end_function

#Get the Initial Cluster Number of the file
li r5, 0x34
lhbrx r3, r8, r5
li r5, 0x3A
lhbrx r4, r8, r5
slwi r3, r3, 16
or r17, r3, r4 #Cluster number now in r17; needs to be saved over next function call


#Mega Write Loop; Editing the actual File

#Setup r22 intially (User's arg pointing to start of buffer contents to be written)
addi r22, r22, -1

#Use initial cluster number to set physical offset of start of file on SD
bl cluster_to_physical_offset

#Update physical offset on Vector First Input
stw r14, 0xC (r28)

#r31 = Start of Files Current Contents
#r24 = Fat physical offset
#r22 = Contents to be Written
#r21 = User's bytes to write
#r20 = Parition Physical Offset
#r18 = File Physical Offset
#r17 = First Cluster Number of File
#r16 = BPB_BytesPerSector
#r15 = BPB_SecPerClus
#r14 = Physical Offset for CMD_WRITE_MULTI_BLOCK of Vector First Input

#Null out the 0x200 buffer beforehand
li r0, 0x80 #0x200 / 4 = 0x80
mtctr r0
addi r3, r31, -4
li r0, 0

stwu r0, 0x4 (r3)
bdnz+ null_loop

#Setup Loading Address for Edit Loop
addi r3, r31, -1

#Set Max loop for this stage
li r0, 0x200 #Preset CTR to 0x200 cause 0x200 bytes can only be sent at a time in the write buffer
mtctr r0

cmplw r21, r0 #Check if main loop is less than 0x200, if so, use that instead
bgt- edit_loop

mtctr r21 #Change CTR value to r21 since bytes left to written is under 0x200

lbzu r0, 0x1 (r22)
stbu r0, 0x1 (r3)
bdnz+ edit_loop

#File Contents in Memory edited, setup ios_ioctlv
bl pre_ios_ioctlv

#Change CMD back to WRITE MULTI BLOCK in Vector Frist input, offset from last is still there (file offset)
li r0, 0x19
stw r0, 0 (r28)

#Write the SD with new file contents!
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#Now update main loop, if r21 ends up being 0 or lower, the writing has ended, close SD
subic. r21, r21, 0x200 #Number result can be negative, signed comparison is appropriate for the bgt instruction
ble- close_sd

#Writing hasn't ended, check if next 0x200 bytes of file spans across a different cluster.
#Equation to find FAT entry in Cluster Chain
#[(N * 4) + Fat Physical Offset]
#N = Cluster Number aka r17
slwi r3, r17, 2 #Shift Left by 2 = Multiply by 4
add r3, r3, r24 #Finalized physical address where cluster word chain is at

#The cluser chain word could be located at an address not aligned by 0x200, fix this issue
clrrwi r4, r3, 9
sub r23, r3, r4 #Subtract aligned address value from possible misaligned address value; use 23, value needs to stay intact
stw r4, 0xC (r28) #Update vector first input contents

#Switch to READ, dump FAT contents, check cluster number
bl pre_ios_ioctlv

li r0, 0x12
stw r0, 0 (r28)

#Dump contents (cluster chain will be first word shown)
cmpwi r3, 0
bne- end_function

#r31 = Start of Files Current Contents
#r25 = Root/Data Start Sector
#r24 = Fat physical offset
#r23 = Margin
#r22 = Contents to be Written
#r21 = User's bytes to write
#r20 = Parition Physical Offset
#r18 = File Physical Offset
#r17 = Cluster Number
#r16 = BPB_BytesPerSector
#r15 = BPB_SecPerClus

#Load Current Cluster word, replace old cluster number that's in r17
lwbrx r17, r23, r31 #r23 contains the offset amount to load by from previous instructions to align address by 0x200

#Check if Bad Cluster
lis r0, 0x0FFF
ori r0, r0, 0xFFF7
cmplw r17, r0 #logical compare because of bltl- branch that occurs a little bit later
li r3, -34
beq- end_function

#Check for Final Cluster
#If not calculate new physical offset from new cluster number
#If final cluster found, then simply increment current physical offset by 0x200
#Fyi, new cluster is anything less than 0x0FFFFFF7 logically
addi r14, r14, 0x200
bltl- cluster_to_physical_offset #r14 will be overwritten with entirely new physical offset if this branch gets taken
b mega_file_write_loop #Continue with the loop, first instruction of loop updates the physical offset for vector first input

#Close SD card
mr r3, r19

#No need for final r3 check


#Subroutine SD_Send_CMD (when Ioctl has r4 arg of 7)
mr r3, r19
li r4, 7
mr r5, r28
li r6, 0x24
mr r7, r29
li r8, 0x10

#Subroutine for Setting up Args for Ios_Ioctlv
mr r3, r19
li r4, 7
li r5, 2
li r6, 1
mr r7, r30

#Subroutine for using Cluster Number to Get Physical Offset
#{[(N - 2) * BPB_SecPerClus) + FirstDataSector] * BPB_BytesPerSector} + PartitionPhysicalOffset
#N = Cluster Number aka r17
subi r3, r17, 2
mullw r3, r3, r15
add r3, r3, r25
mullw r3, r3, r16
add r14, r20, r3 #Place in r14 we need this value to stay intact

upgraded to v0.3 now (v0.2 wasn't worth a bump)

Some decent improvements such as removing the silly cap on amount of bytes to write to a file, and more leniency on the file name requirements.
Oh shit, honestly we're only a few steps away from SD Ghosts for MKWii, and possible other stuff.
Yep. Since you are in the Discord server, I'm sure you seen the post from Scruffy about his SD ghost code based off Riivolution's file module.

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