How to find the code for size, color, speed, etc.
I understand that the value is floating point, but changing the floating point value from one end is inefficient, so please let me know if you have any technique.
An entire thread covering floats including conversions of both ways -
Thank you for your reply. I understand the float instruction, but I don't know how to find the desired RAM address. For example, the value of the address used in the davidevgen's character size modifier ( does not change from 3F800000. Could you please tell me about how to find code like this?
The game keep's certain float values as constants in memory that it loads up for various tasks. These constants are always in the same spot in memory. Sometimes a constant is only used by one task.

Basically a lot of these 'constants' were found by various people literally just picking a value in a region of memory, changing it randomly, seeing if it effects anything in the game, then moving onto the next value in memory.

I'm not saying that's how davidevgen found that value, but that is how it was basically done years and years ago.

By the way, Aldelaro5's Memory Engine has the option to search for floats in memory. It's the same way you search for integer values in dynamic memory, but you are searching for single precision floats (in 32-bit form) instead. When searching for the single precision 32-bit floats, you must enter them in using their integer decimal representation (i.e. 1 for 0x3F800000).
I understood your explanation perfectly! Thank you very much.

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