What got you into Hacking?
You're gonna get banned again. I recommend that you don't do that.
i got into hacking when i found videos on youtube (from players like NoHack2win and stuff like that), then found a old gecko codes website with NTSC-U codes (the website was made by EC2*TOBI4).
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(03-14-2018, 07:44 PM)Vega Wrote: So if you are in this sub-forum, chances are you love to Hack up the Wii/MKW  Big Grin Whether it's using cheat codes, messing with RAM, making codes, fixing codes, analysis, brick test, etc; please post what got you into hacking. Also tell us what's your favorite type of hacking.


Back in April 2009, a friend of mine was in a WW with a hacker throwing a bunch of blue shells. He knew something wasn't right and realized those blues were cheated. After some days of research, he discovered about HBC/Ocarina, and installed that shit! We would go into WW's doing the simple 'caveman' item wheel' & speed hacks. 

Fast forward to summer 2011, I ran into the wiihacks.com forums (now shutdown). I took a risk and softmodded my Wii plus region-changed it to Korea. But silly me I didn't realize you need a Korean MKW Disc for the Korean Menu. But I wanted to keep the Wii Korean. After some web browsing, I figured out about the whole ISO scene. Got a torrent and waited almost a week for my Korean ISO to download. After that, I guess you could say the rest was history.

Currently my fav type of hacking is messing with MKW RAM plus porting codes. This also includes double check other people's code and fixing/refining them. Whenever I'm not doing that, I'm doing general Softmod stuff/tests (Bootmii, NAND work, etc).


let me give you a brief walk through of when i got into hacking, so in around like 2015 (december iirc) i used only item hacks offline from mariokartoc.webs.com for the very first time using gecko OS (yes ik i was late and all but still) so going right into early 2016, i joined the mkwii community and met rogamer thru skype, very nice dude and helped me out with all sorts of things like texture hacks, setting up codes, etc. (rogamer was the one who really taught me alot of things back in 2016 and 17 and really got me into hacking, so big props to him) and here i am now, and its all thanks to rogamer for teaching me the majority of mkwii hacking, i dont think i'd be where i am as of today if it werent for him to teach me this stuff i wouldnt be where i am now. (i mainly texture hack, i dont really do codes alot) so yea that was the brief walk thru of how i got into hacking.  Smile
Man, you got into the community late. You never had the chance to experience the old Nin WiFi days.
I wish i got to hack once in WiFi before wiimmfi but nope
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I played online for the first time last year on CTGP. So insanely late
Tell me about it I played this game online for the first time in nov 2019.
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