Universal Hit Type Modifier [Supastarrio]
Universal Hit Type Modifier [Supastarrio]

04563280 388000XX

04567600 388000XX

04566F80 388000XX

04555658 388000XX

[XX Values]
00: Spin-out (Banana)
01: Spin-out
02: Knockback (Shells, FIB)
03: Knockback (Star)
04: Knockback
05: Knockback
06: Knockback (Bullet Bill)
07: Launched (Bob-omb, Blue Shell)
08: Launched
09: Firey Spin-out
0A: Spin-out (Lightning)
0B: POW'd
0C: Crushed
0D: Crushed (Mega Shroom)
0E: Crushed
0F: Spin-out
10: Crushed, then respawn
11: Spin-out (Lightning Cloud)

- Universally modifies the hit type of hazards.

Code Creator: Supastarrio

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