Rules For Incomplete/Outdated Codes
Any codes that are incomplete, or are outdated can be posted here. Incomplete simply means, that the code isn't available for all 4 regions/versions of MKWii. All threads will go thru approval by me. I will check to make sure you are posting real code(s) and following the rules listed below. If you create a habit of breaking the rules, you rep will be lowered and/or receive a ban.

There are four rules:

First: Make sure the Code isn't posted anywhere else before you post said Code. 

Second: Include a small note/description on the Code explaining why the code is outdated. This doesn't apply to incomplete codes. (Example: This code is outdated by this other code because blah blah blah..)

Third: Do NOT post any codes that do not work at all. At least one version (region) of the code must be working.

Fourth: Do NOT post any Item Hacks that require "Write Character Offset". These codes are soooo outdated and retarded, that I don't even want them posted on

If an incomplete code becomes complete (all ports added, tested, and working), AND the code is not outdated, then it will be moved to the main Cheat Codes forum.

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