Mario Kart Wii Symbol Map [Incomplete]
getGcnInputs(controllerPort, returnAddress) = 0x801b323c;
controllerInputHandler(controllerDataPointer) = 0x805238f0;
updateModeVariables(void) = 0x807bd1d0;
decideItem(param1, itemBoxSetting, position, param4, param5, param6) = 0x807bb42c;

Variables / Data structures:
ptr_controllerData = 0x809bd70c;
ptr_raceData = 0x809bd728;
ptr_raceInfo = 0x809bd730;
playerCount = 0x809C38B8 ;
onlineRaceActive = 0x809C38B9;
vsRaceActive = 0x809C38BA;
battleModeActive = 0x809C38BB;
timeTrialActive = 0x809C38BC;
Thank you TZ and Seeky.

Here's an idea, how about somebody makes a Public Google Spreadsheet? That way it can easily be updated. As forum posts here have size limits and other restrictions.
mkw symbol map google sheet
i really hope this works the way it should lol
Updated the OP with the Google Sheet link
800C78D0 (PAL)

This is the CRC16-CCITT function call whenever the Mii Data needs to checksummed.

Thank you Loaf for providing this.
Symbols found by my crude Python script: (2900 unique addresses matched to at least one symbol name)
I revamped by Python scripts and published it on GitHub.
These scripts can match object files containing known symbols and relocations with a memory dump,
and then export a list of unambiguous symbol matches. (meaning symbol matched one address, and address matched only one symbol).

This method found 4251 generic symbols.

You can find it here:
Thank you for this.

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